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Public offer

This document "Public offer for the provision of tourist services" is an offer of KAM TUR with LLC "KAM TUR PARADISE" to conclude an agreement on the following conditions.

Before you apply for services and pay for a tourist tour, read the terms of this offer.

1. Basic terms and definitions used in the proposal

1.1 Site - a group of web pages located on the Internet, linked by a single address space - https://kamtur.uz, used to order services via the Internet. The start page of this website, from which all other pages of this website can be accessed, is published on the Internet at https: // kamtur.uz.

1.2. Services - the actions of the Contractor to organize and carry out tourist activities, including accommodation services, transportation of tourists, interpreter-guide services and other services. A complete list can be found on the website;

1.3. Contractor - OOO "KAM TUR PARADISE", which carries out activities for the implementation of the Tourist Tour.

1.4. Customer - a person ordering the Services on his own behalf or on behalf of the Tourist, including the legal representative of the minor Tourist.

1.5. Tourist - a person who directly receives the Services as part of a tourist tour;

1.6 Application - A formal client request for the purchase of services, which is sent to the contractor by filling out the form provided on the website.

1.7 Offer - The text of this document and all its annexes, changes and additions are published on the website and available on the Internet at https://kamtur.uz, which contains the terms and conditions for the provision of services.

1.8 Agreement - The agreement on the provision of travel services is signed and executed by the customer and the contractor in accordance with the rules and conditions specified in the current Offer.

2. General provisions

2.1 The agreement concluded in accordance with the terms of this offer is a legally binding document and adjusts the relationship between the Customer and the Contractor in connection with the provision of services.

2.2. By paying the service fee, the customer agrees that:
a. he has read the terms of this Offer in full;

b. he fully accepts all the terms of this Offer without any exceptions and limitations (acceptance);

c. an agreement concluded by accepting this Offer does not require bilateral signing and is valid in electronic form;

d. if the Customer does not agree with the terms of this Offer or does not have the right to conclude an Agreement by virtue of law, he should refuse to pay for the Services;

e. the offer (including any of its parts) may be changed by the Contractor without any special notice. The new edition of the Offer comes into force from the moment it is posted on the Site, unless otherwise provided by the new edition of the Offer. The customer independently monitors all changes made to this Offer.

2.3. The relations of the Parties can be additionally regulated by separate documents and agreements. The use of such additional documents and agreements does not cancel the validity of this Offer.

3. Subject of the Offer Agreement

3.1 The Contractor is authorized to provide services for the implementation of tourism activities at the request of customers, including accommodation and transportation services for Tourists, interpreter-guide services and other services. A complete list is presented on the website, and the customer undertakes to pay the service fee in accordance with the terms of the contract.

4. Procedure for ordering Services

4.1. Website https://kamtur.uz. is aimed at acquainting customers with information about services and purchasing services via the Internet. The provisions of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan on the provision of paid services, as well as other legal acts adopted in accordance with these provisions, apply to the relationship between the customer and the contractor.

4.2. The order of the Services on the Site is carried out by the Customer by submitting an Application.

4.3. The customer independently familiarizes himself with the presented tour content on the Site. In case of agreement with the terms of the provision of the Services, the Customer sends the Contractor an Application for the provision of Services by filling out a special form on the Site.

4.4 After the contractor receives the application, he will contact the client to clarify the content of the application, agree on the service and the payment procedure, and also inform the place and time of the service.

4.5. The Contractor has the right to reject or accept the Customer's Application.

4.6. After the customer agrees with all the details and confirms the contractor's application, the customer pays the service fee in accordance with the method specified in section 5 of this contract.

          4.7. After payment for the Services, the Customer is considered to have accepted (accepted) the terms of this Offer, and the Agreement is considered concluded between the Contractor and the Customer on the terms of this Offer and is subject to mandatory execution.

5. Payment for Services

5.1. The cost of the Contractor's Services is indicated on the Site in US dollars (USD).

5.2. The cost of the Services (selected tour) includes those services that are indicated in each tour.

5.3. The cost of the Services does not include those services that are indicated in each round.

5.4. The Contractor has the right at any time to unilaterally change the prices for the Services presented on the Site. At the same time, the price for a Service that has already been ordered cannot be changed.

5.5. Payment for the Services is carried out by the Customer in full after the approval by the Parties of all the details of the Application and before the start of the provision of the Services, unless otherwise agreed by the Parties when placing the order.

5.6. Payment for the Service can be made:

• in cash to the Contractor's cashier;

• in a non-cash form, by transferring funds to the settlement account of the Contractor specified in this Offer, using bank cards, bank transfers or electronic payment systems (services) online. In this case, the Contractor will send to the Customer's e-mail an invoice for the payment received and a voucher for the purchased tour online.

5.7. The Contractor has the right to provide discounts, bonuses, payment by installments and other preferential conditions for the provision of Services to all or individual Customers.

5.8. The Contractor has the right to limit the available payment methods for the Services for the Customer.

5.9. Refunds for Services paid for, but not used by the Tourist, regardless of the reason, including transport, accommodation, meals, entrance tickets (and so on), are not refundable or exchangeable.

6. Rights and obligations of the Customer

6.1. The customer has the right:
a. get acquainted with the description of the Services, other materials of the Site and submit Applications for the provision of Services;

b. unsubscribe from the Services at any time. In case of refusal from the Services, the Customer must notify the Contractor in writing, the refusal takes effect from the day the Contractor receives a notification from the Customer in writing. In case of unjustified refusal of the Customer from services, the Contractor withholds from the Customer's payment according to the costs incurred for this tour.


6.2. The customer undertakes:

a. before entering into the Agreement, familiarize yourself with the content of this Offer;

b. provide the Contractor with only reliable information about yourself necessary for the provision of the Services;

c. pay the cost of the Services;

d. independently conclude a health insurance contract, an accident insurance contract, an insurance contract against damage or total loss of luggage.

e. any complaints are immediately inquired through the tour leader or local guide during the tour. Any claims against the Contractor must be submitted in writing no later than 10 days after the end of the tour.

f. fulfill in full its obligations, including those specified in other sections of this Agreement;

7. Rights and obligations of the Contractor

7.1. The contractor is obliged:
a. provide Services with high quality and in full;

b. ensure the confidentiality of personal data about the Customer.

in. provide the Customer with the opportunity to receive free consultations on the organizational issues of the provision of the Services;

d. fulfill in full its obligations stipulated by other clauses of this Agreement.

7.2. The Contractor has the right to refuse to provide the Services and cancel the Application if:

• occurrence of force majeure circumstances (such as fire, natural disaster, strikes, etc.). In this case, the Customer has the right to a refund of 100% of the paid amount.

• if the Customer has not made payment for the Services within the established time frame - the Application is canceled without prior notice to the Customer.

7.3. The Contractor has the right to photograph the Customer during the provision of the Services, as well as to use the received photographs for advertising purposes. The customer agrees to the use of his photographs by the Contractor for advertising purposes.

7.4. The Contractor has exclusive rights to the Content, including software products and online services of the Site as a whole and the computer programs included in them or used in conjunction with them, databases, cartographic, reference and information and other text materials, images and other objects copyright and / or related rights, as well as objects of patent rights, trademarks, commercial designations and trade names, as well as other parts of software products and / or online services of the Site (regardless of whether they are part of them or are additional components , and whether it is possible to extract them from their composition and use independently) separately. These rights are reserved in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

7.5. The Contractor carries out the current management of the Site, determines its structure, appearance, allows or restricts user access to the Site, exercises other rights belonging to him.

7.6. The Contractor decides questions about the procedure for placing advertisements on the Site, participation in affiliate programs, etc.

7.7. The contractor has the right:
a. at any time, change the design of the Site, its content, change or supplement the scripts, software, Content and other objects used or stored on the Site, any server applications, with or without notice to the Customer;

b. send messages to the Customers (including messages by e-mail), which are notifications about the introduction of new or cancellation of old Services, approval and publication of a new version of the Offer, notifications containing advertising information about the Contractor's services.

8. Restrictions and prohibitions

8.1. The customer is prohibited from:

a. specify false information about yourself when ordering the Services;

b. take actions aimed at destabilizing the functioning of the Site, attempt to unauthorized access to the management of the Site or its closed sections (sections to which only the Contractor is allowed access), as well as perform any other similar actions.


9. Warranties and liability

9.1. The Contractor is not responsible for the quality of the Services, as well as for any adverse consequences for the Customer and (or) third parties that arose in the process of providing the Services and (or) as a result of the provision of the Services, if the Customer indicated inaccurate information necessary for the provision of the Service;

9.2. The Contractor is not responsible if the results of the provision of the Services do not meet the expectations of the Customer.

9.3. The customer is fully responsible for any damage caused to the movable and immovable property of the Contractor or third parties during the period of nailing in the places of accommodation. The customer is obliged to fully compensate the damage caused by him directly to the owner.

9.4. Since the materials and / or online services of the Site are at the stage of constant addition and updating of new functionality, the form and nature of the services and capabilities of the Site may change from time to time without prior notice to the Customer. The Contractor has the right, at its sole discretion, to stop (temporarily or permanently) the display of the materials of the Site (or any of its individual parts) to all Customers in general or to an individual Customer in particular without prior notice.

9.5. The Contractor guarantees the use of the phone number and e-mail address specified by the Customer for his part to communicate with the Customer, send notifications, messages, and other information to the Customer with the consent of the Customer, unless otherwise provided by the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

9.6. The Contractor is not responsible for possible failures and interruptions in the operation of the Site and the loss of information caused by them. The Contractor is not responsible for any damage to the Customer's computer, mobile devices, any other equipment or software caused or associated with the use of the Site or sites accessible via hyperlinks posted on the Site.

9.7. The Contractor is not responsible for any damage, including lost profits, or harm caused in connection with the provision of the Services.

9.8. The aggregate amount of the Contractor's liability under the Agreement is limited to the amount received by the Contractor from the Customer under the Agreement.

10. Force Majeure Circumstances

10.1. The Parties are not liable for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations if they prove that this happened due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances (force majeure) that arose after the conclusion of the Agreement as a result of extraordinary events that the Parties could neither foresee nor prevent by reasonable measures and have taken all possible and dependent measures to properly perform their duties. Force majeure circumstances include, in particular: military actions, the impact of the forces of nature (earthquake, flood, etc.), decisions of state bodies, etc.

10.2 Both parties must notify each other of the occurrence of the force majeure situation by sending a letter to the e-mail address or in another acceptable way within 3 (three) business days from the date of the occurrence of the force majeure situation.

10.3. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the deadline for fulfilling obligations will be extended until the period of termination and resolution of such circumstances and their consequences.

10.4. If force majeure circumstances continue for more than 30 (thirty) calendar days, then each of the Parties has the right to refuse further fulfillment of obligations, and in this case, neither Party has the right to demand compensation from the other Party for termination of the Agreement.

11. Final provisions

11.1. The contract comes into force from the moment the customer pays for the services in accordance with clause 4.6. and terminates when the Parties have fully fulfilled their obligations or canceled the contract.

11.2. All disagreements between the parties should be resolved through negotiations. The pre-trial procedure for resolving a dispute arising from relations governed by an agreement is mandatory. The period for pre-trial settlement of claims is 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the relevant claim. If an agreement on the settlement of the dispute is not reached, such a dispute is considered and resolved in court at the location of the Contractor.

11.3. The law of the Republic of Uzbekistan applies to the relationship between the Customer and the Contractor.

11.4. The recognition by the court of any provision of the Agreement, invalid and not applicable, does not entail the invalidity of other provisions of the Agreement.

11.5. The agreement reached on the basis of this offer, including all its components, other documents prepared during the execution of the agreement, and information known to the other party during the execution of the agreement, are classified as confidential information. Without the written consent of the other party, such information cannot be disclosed in any way during the term of the agreement or after its termination. Otherwise, the guilty party is obliged to compensate the injured party for all damages caused by this, including lost profits.

11.6 All notices, messages, inquiries, claims and other similar documents arising from an agreement between the two parties must be in writing. These documents sent by e-mail are in full legal force after confirmation of their sending and can be used as written evidence.

12. Details of the Contractor


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